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We are open seven days a week all year long. However, please understand that opening days, opening hours as well as the content of exhibitions may be subject to change due to special circumstances.

Yes, it can.
However, part of the Marine Garden outdoor area has nothing to block the rain, so you will need an umbrella. We do not lend out umbrellas at Sunshine Aquarium.

It varies from person to person, but it takes about 1 hour to see everything.

We have entry restrictions on weekends, holidays, and other designated days, so a reservation in advance (time and date selection) will be necessary. Entry tickets can be purchased at Ticket Counter in the aquarium on weekdays (excluding designated days).
If you make a reservation on a weekday (excuding designated days), you can enter without lining up at Ticket Counter in the aquarium.
Make your reservation here

Discounted tickets for senior citizens are not available.

Yes, they are called "Aquarium Annual Passports". An Annual Passport allows you to visit the Aquarium as many times as you wish in the course of one year at the cost of twice the normal admission fee.
*On June 30, 2023 (Friday), we will no longer accept applications for annual passports (new purchases, issuance, renewal).

This is a membership program of which you can choose the plan and period that best suits your visit.

We are carrying out a limited-quantity sale at the below site. Please see here for more information.

The following gift certificates are accepted at the Aquarium’s ticket counter: "Sunshine City Common Gift Certificate", "Sunshine City Shopping Ticket", "Children's Gift Certificate", "Toshima Ward Common Gift Certificate,"; "Mitsubishi Estate Gift Card" and "Gift Card (JCB, UC, VJA, Diners Royal, Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos)."

The following payment methods are accepted at Sunshine Aquarium
【Credit cards】
JCB, VISA, Master card, MUFG , American Express, UC, Saison, Orico, Diners Club, Discover, UnionPay
Public transportation IC cards like Suica, iD, QUICPay
【barcode payments】
PayPay、d Barai、Rakuten Pay、au PAY、Merpay、LINE Pay、Alipay、WeChat Pay

  • *We have temporarily suspended the use of contactless payments (tap-to-pay) at most of our stores, except for some, due to an issue with our payment terminals. We do not have an estimated timeline for when this service will be resumed.
  • *You cannot top up your card.
  • *Some items may not be purchased with the above cards.

We accept group bookings for groups of at least 20 people.
For details, please see the "Information for Groups" section.

For inquiries, please contact the Sunshine City Group Reservation Center.
TEL: 03-3989-3455 (Business hours: 09:30-17:00. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and the year-end holiday period.)

Smoking is prohibited inside the Aquarium and no smoking areas are available. Please use the smoking areas inside Sunshine City.

A nursing room is located on the 2nd floor of the Aquarium’s main building.
The services offered are diaper changing tables, lactation rooms, warm water for milk, and microwaves for baby food.

Although we do not offer baby strollers rentals in the facilities, baby strollers rentals are available in Sunshine City. We kindly ask for your understanding that the number of baby strollers available is limited.
For more details, please refer to the "Various Services" section on the Sunshine City Official Website.
Also, when visiting the Aquarium during peak hours or at crowded times, we recommend leaving baby strollers behind. Please understand that during peak hours it may be difficult to proceed with baby strollers inside the Aquarium and some of the areas where performances are held may be limited. Baby strollers can be left in the baby stroller storage area at the entrance of the Aquarium’s main building.

Although wheelchairs are not available for rental in the aquarium, you may rent them in Sunshine City. If you need to rent a wheelchair, please approach the staff at the information counter located near the rental area or call the Disaster Prevention Center hotline. While wheelchairs can be rented for free, please note that there is a limited number of wheelchairs available.
Please refer to the "Barrier-free Information Website" for more information.

Inside the Aquarium, wheelchairs can be used in most of the main hallways and there is also a wheelchair-priority elevator. Also, priority toilets are located on the 2nd floor of the Aquarium’s main building and near the exit of the outdoor Marine Garden.

For details, please see our page on the services for those with physical disabilities.

There are coin-operated lockers with 3 types of sizes located at the aquarium's entrance. (Fee: 400 to 700 yen)
Also, coin-operated lockers are available inside Sunshine City as well. Click "Various Services" for details.

  • *Luggage cannot be stored inside the Aquarium.

There are no public phones in the Aquarium.
There are no pay phones in the aquarium, but you can find them in Sunshine City.
For more details, please see the "Information on public phones" section on the Sunshine City Official Website .

Taking picture is allowed.
However, flash photography is not allowed in certain areas in order to protect the animals. Also, long-exposure photography is also not allowed in the same areas.

Individual visitors may post on social media photos and videos whose content they enjoy sharing. However, we ask that you refrain from posting content, or engaging in acts, contrary to Sunshine City’s Social Media Policy (including posting URLs or links to posts or expressions contrary to our social media policy). In the case of such acts or postings, please understand that we may delete them or block the related accounts at our discretion. Also, we decline any responsibility for damages resulting from the cancellation or blocking of said accounts.

Visitors are not allowed to take pets inside the Aquarium.
However, animals like assistance/guide dogs are allowed to enter the premises.

Reentry is prohibited for the time being.

Please contact the Sunshine Aquarium.
TEL: 03-3989-3466

Only TULLY'S COFFEE products sold inside the Aquarium may be consumed in the outdoor area.
Visitors are not allowed to bring food (including lunch boxes) or drinks inside the Aquarium and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this respect. You can however bring and consume food (including lunch boxes) in the visitors room located on the same floor as the Aquarium.

  • * The number of seats in the visitors room is limited.

We offer discounts on all parking fees for Aquarium visitors. Please show your parking ticket at the Aquarium counter near the exit before leaving to receive the discount.
<1-hour free parking service>
・Total entrance fee of over ¥2,000
・Entry under Aquarium Club (Adult). Please refer to "Benefits of Aquarium Club" for details.

<2-hour free parking service>
・Total entrance fee of over ¥3,000 under the "LINKTIVITY Sunshine Aquarium+SUNSHINE 60 OBSERVATORY TENBOU-PARK Advance ticket"
・Entry under Annual Passport (Adult). Please refer to "Benefits of Annual Passport" for details.

In addition to this, Shop Aqua Pocket and Tully's Coffee Sunshine Aquarium Store, to which the benefits apply, have validated parking based on the amount spent, so please present your parking ticket at the register when you make a purchase at these stores.

For details, please see the "Parking Guide" section on the Sunshine City Official Website.

For details, please see the "Parking Guide" section on the Sunshine City Official Website.

Except when the Spring break, GW, summer vacation, New Year holidays, is crowded, 11:00~17:00 you may purchase a specific product you have previously decided upon. However, this does not apply to certain items like "gachapon" toy capsules and event-specific products.

This service will end on December 31, 2023. Starting on January 1st, 2024, you will need to enter the Aquarium in order to shop here.

We do not accept workplace experiences or internships.

Adopting animals is not allowed.