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Privacy policy

Sunshine City Corporation (hereinafter, "Our Company") carefully manages the personal information submitted by its customers (hereinafter, "personal information") and uses it appropriately. Furthermore, recognizing that personal information is a valuable asset of its customers and considering the protection of personal information as a social responsibility in the course of its business activities, Our Company is committed to the proper handling and protection of personal information in accordance with the "Mitsubishi Estate Group’s Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection " and to this goal implements the measures described below.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

In handling personal information, Our Company complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations.

2. Purpose of use

Our Company uses the personal information it has been entrusted with for the following purposes and for the following business activities and shall not use it for other purposes.

  1. (1)
    Business content
    1. Business activities related to the ownership, rental, management, brokerage and trading of real estate assets like land and buildings
    2. Business activities related to the sale of food, clothing, miscellaneous goods and more, and to the food and drink sector
    3. Business activities related to the operation of facilities like aquariums, observatories, exhibition halls, conference rooms, meeting places, theatres, museum, gyms and similar facilities
    4. Business activities related to electronic commerce (e-commerce)
    5. Operation and management of credit cards issued by a particular store or business in the course of its business activities
    6. Business activities related to the construction and management of parking lots, bus terminals, roads, parks and similar facilities
    7. Business activities related to the designing, supervision, construction, and contracting of construction work and other types of work
    8. Business activities related to advertising, as well as to the contracting out and distribution of advertising
    9. Insurance agency business
    10. Business activities related to the operation of facilities like hotels and similar facilities
    11. Warehousing and transportation businesses
    12. Other business activities incidental to the previously mentioned business activities
  2. (2)
    Purpose of use
    1. Sending and providing of information on products, services, events, incentives, sweepstakes and more, by direct mail or similar means
    2. Provision of information on the development and the improvement of existing products/services and new products/services
    3. Preparation and publication of statistical data which does not identify specific individuals, like questionnaire requests, public offering of works, market research and analysis of users’ trends
    4. Responding to inquiries and document requests
    5. Marketing activities including the implementation of contracts, sales activities like the provision of information, guidance and services, creation of statistical information, survey analysis, product development and analysis of customer trends.
    6. Safety management of buildings
    7. ther activities required for the proper conduction of business

3. Shared use

Our Company may occasionally share personal information with our group companies and stakeholders to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes stated above. In such cases, personal information may include items like a person’s name, date of birth, organization/department/position, address/phone number/fax number, e-mail address, information concerning real estate assets and other items specified in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

4. Uses other than those stated in the purpose of use

When using personal information, Our Company shall use it within the scope and for the purposes of use specified when collecting such information, and shall not use it for other purposes and beyond its scope of use.

5. Method of acquisition of personal information

Our Company shall not acquire personal information by illegal means.

6. Maintenance of accuracy of data

Our Company will endeavor to keep the personal information of its customers accurate and up-to-date.

7. Security measures

Our Company will accurately manage personal information and take all the necessary and appropriate preventive and safety measures against illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information.

8. Training for employees

Our Company, besides conducting educational activities and training on the protection of personal information and familiarizing all its employees with this issue, will also supervise its employees in the necessary and appropriate ways so as to ensure the safe management of personal information.

9. Behavior towards subcontractors

In using personal information, Our Company may entrust the handling of personal information to outsourcing parties. In such cases, Our Company will provide the necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure the safe management of personal information on the part of the subcontractors.

10. Provision of information to third parties

Our Company may provide personal information to third parties when necessary for achieving the purposes described in section 2. Personal information will not be provided to third parties for any other purposes unless in the event of special circumstances, such as when prescribed by laws and regulations or when deemed necessary to protect the rights and interests of individuals, like their lives or assets.

11. Disclosure, correction and suspension of use

Our Company will respond promptly, within reason and to the extent required, to any requests filed by customers for the disclosure, correction or suspension of use of personal information. Please note however that Our Company may not be able to comply to your requests when the personal information entrusted to us has been discarded after being stored for a certain period of time.

Inquiries on our personal information protection policy
Sunshine City Corporation, General Affairs Dept.