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Facilities and services for the physically disabled

The location of each facility is also indicated on the Guidemap, so you can refer to it as well.


Barrier-free restrooms

Barrier-free restrooms are installed in each building inside the Sunshine City complex. For the exact location of each restroom, please refer to the Guidemap.

*Some of the barrier-free restrooms are equipped with facilities for people suffering from ostomies (ostomates).


Reserved parking space for persons with disabilities

The Sunshine Parking Lot (maximum height: 2.1 m) offers some reserved parking spaces for persons with disabilities.
There are also "Courtesy" preferential parking spaces which are reserved for people who find it difficult to walk, like the elderly, pregnant women, adults with small children, the injured and those with physical disabilities.
For details on these facilities and access routes, please refer to the parking lot web page.

Loaning of wheelchairs

If you wish to use one, please either speak with an Information Staff member at the lending area shown below, or call the General Disaster Prevention Center (TEL: 03-3989-3429).Wheelchairs are provided free of charge.

  • *Please note that the number of wheelchairs provided is limited and none may be available at certain times. Also, wheelchairs may not be reserved in advance.
Loaning points
  • Alpa B1 General Information Counter (in front of Kua 'Aina)
    *Guide Map P.3
  • Alpa B1 Hirokoji Information Counter
    *Gudie Map P.3
  • Alpa 1F Hirokoji Information Counter
    *Guide Map P.4

If there are no staff members present at an information desk during regular hours, please call the General Disaster Control Center (03-3989-3429).

Other Loaning Locations

    Besides the above locations, you may also borrow wheelchairs at the following sites. Please approach the staff at the counter.

  • Sunshine 60 Building 1F, General Disaster Prevention Center
    *Guide Map, page 4
  • Bunka-kaikan Building 1F, Disaster Prevention Center
    *Guide Map, page 4
  • Sunshine 60 Building B2, Parking Front Desk


Opening hours 7:00-23:00

Admission of assistance dogs for the physically disabled

Assistance dogs for the physically disabled are allowed inside Sunshine City.