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Social media policy

Sunshine City Corporation utilizes social media as an Internet communication tool.

With regard to social media, Our Company will comply with its own internal regulations and with related laws and regulations and will always act in good faith so as to gain the trust of its customers.

Sunshine City Corporation

To everyone using the official social media accounts of Sunshine City Corporation

  • The information posted on our social media accounts does not necessarily represent the official opinion of our Company and we cannot guarantee the completeness, the accuracy or the usefulness of posted information. All official announcements from Our Company are made in the form of information posted on Our official website or as news releases, and we ask that you refer to them. Our Company shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by customers, whether directly or indirectly, when using said information.
  • Please understand that information posted on social media is valid as of the time of its posting and it may be modified at a later time.
  • Please understand that interaction with users (whether an answer to individual requests is given or not, as well as the mode and time of such answer) varies depending on individual accounts.
  • Each account may be terminated or suspended at our discretion without prior notice to customers.
  • Please refrain from committing the acts/posting the content indicated below (including the posting of URLs to links featuring the acts/ content indicated below). Please understand that in case of items falling under the acts/content indicated below, we may take measures like deleting such content or blocking related accounts at our discretion. Furthermore, Our Company shall not be liable for any damage resulting from deleting said content or blocking related accounts.
    1. (1)
      Acts/content that violate, or risk to violate, public morals and social standards;
    2. (2)
      Acts/content that are, or risk to be, connected to illegal and criminal acts;
    3. (3)
      Acts/content that cause inconvenience, disadvantages or damage, or that may cause it in the opinion of our Company;
    4. (4)
      Acts/content violating intellectual property rights (like copyrights, trademarks and other rights), rights of portrait and the privacy of individuals;
    5. (5)
      Acts/content involving harmful programs, scripts and the like;
    6. (6)
      The use of our social media for commercial purposes;
    7. (7)
      Impersonating others;
    8. (8)
      Acts/content contrary to each social media’s terms of use;
    9. (9)
      Other acts/content that Our Company may deem inappropriate, including interfering with our administration and management;
  • For protection of personal information, please refer to Our Company’s "Privacy policy".
  • If Our Company deems it necessary to modify this policy, the policy may be modified without prior notice to our customers.
  • For inquiries about Our Company’s social media policy and social media usage, please contact each individual social media operator.