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Facilities and services for children

The location of each facility is also indicated on the Floor map, so you can refer to it as well.

Floor map

Baby Room (Nursing room)

alpa B1 basement
alpa 2F
alpa 3F

Baby Rooms are equipped with baby seats (diaper-changing tables) and private rooms for breast-feeding.

*While baby rooms can also be used by men, the use of the nursing rooms is limited to women only.

  • alpa B1 basement (near Kokumin drugstore)
  • alpa 2F (in front of Kimura Coffee Shop)
  • alpa 3F (South side of Hirokoji)

Floor map

Opening hours
  • alpa B1, 2F: 10:00~20:00
  • alpa 3F: 10:00~22:30
Baby Room utilities Hot water for making milk, baby seats, baby scales Waste boxes for used diapers: Children's bathroom (3F only) and dining area play space (B1 only)and more.

Some facilities available at baby changing rooms may vary depending on the location.

Loaning of baby strollers

Those wishing to borrow baby strollers may take them freely at the following loaning points. Strollers are provided free of charge.

*Please note that the number of strollers provided is limited and none may be available at certain times. Also, strollers may not be reserved in advance.

*The place and time we lend the items out are subject to change.

*From target age one months to 2 years old

Loaning points
  • Behind the alpa B1 General Information Counter (in front of Kua'Aina)
  • Behind the alpa B1 Hirokoji Information Counter
  • Behind the alpa 1F Hirokoji Information Counter

Floor map

Opening hours 10:00-20:00

Baby seats (diaper-changing table) and baby stands

Baby seats (diaper-changing tables) are available all women's restrooms and baby stands are available in all men's and women's restrooms throughout the building. Baby beds and baby stands are also available in the barrier-free restrooms. For the exact location of restrooms, please refer to the Floor map.

Floor map

*Baby seats (diaper-changing tables) are also installed in the B1 basement of the Bunka Kaikan Building (near the Toys“R”Us / BABiES“R”Us store) and in front of the restrooms on the 4F of the World Import Mart Building.

Each service in the Aquarium

The following services are available at the Aquarium.

Baby stands Inside the Aquarium
Nursing room Inside the Aquarium's Baby Room
Hot water for making milk Inside the Aquarium's Baby Room

*Please ask the staff

Each service in the Observatory

The following services are available at the Observatory.
The following services are available at the observation deck: baby diaper change station and private lactation rooms.
The baby change station is available for men as well, but the lactation rooms can only be used by women.

Utilization time According to business hours
Hot water for making milk Milk formula water heater
Baby stands
baby scales Waste boxes
dining space

*Please ask the staff

Kids' Play Area

A playing area, where children can enjoy puzzle-themed games and play with their friends, is located in the hallway

*For preschoolers


alpa 2F

Floor map

Opening hours 10:00-20:00

Courtesy parking spaces

"Courtesy" preferential parking spaces are parking spaces reserved for people who find it difficult to walk, like the elderly, pregnant women, adults with small children, the injured and those with physical disabilities.