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Sunshine Lagoon tank feeding experience

Experience feeding the fish from the top of the extra-large "Sunshine Lagoon" tank which is usually off-limits to visitors.

The Sunshine Aquarium's largest tank "Sunshine Lagoon" is home to 1500 fish belonging to 45 different species.

The handling staff will first guide you through what we call the "feedery," which is the kitchen for the animals, where you’ll hear stories about the types of food and bait used at the Aquarium.

And then, you may be lucky enough to hear the unique secrets of the "Sunshine Lagoon" large tank. It is a hands-on tour that not only will give you a chance to feed the fish but will also make you love the Aquarium even more.

Approximate duration: 20 min. 300 yen per person. Once a day

  • The number of participants is limited. Please ask our staff for details.
  • Apply at the at the Annual Passport-issuing counter.

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