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Brand statement

New exciting discoveries await you!

In the heart of the city, close to the sky, there’s a special space filled with water and aquatic creatures. Here people and living creatures come together, minds are stimulated and the spirit is healed.
Here different people can partake of the same magic.
Here, as you watch the spectacle unfolding in front of your eyes, you will be overcome by the intimate and peaceful sensation of being one with nature.

Step into a new kind of aquarium which will engage your heart and all of your five senses.
Let us share a special and exciting time together, as we guide you, the visitor, through this underwater world.

Japan’s fist urban high-rise aquarium has been making people smile and cry with joy for 33 years*.
The Sunshine Aquarium helps people get in touch with nature and will surprise you with a new discovery every time you visit.

*As of renewal, August 2011

Highlights of permanent exhibitions

Outdoor Marine Garden- Sky Journey

A veritable "Oasis in the sky" located on top of an urban high-rise building. In the Rooftop Marine Garden surrounded by sky, light, water and greenery, you can admire the world’s first exhibitions of Penguin in the sky, featuring penguins flying across the city sky, and of Penguin in the grassland, reproducing the natural habitat of the African Penguin. After sunset, this area turns into a healing space surrounded by wondrous light effects.

Second Floor- Waterfront Journey

Waterside areas abound on rivers, lakes and coasts all over the world. In addition to fish and invertebrates, these areas are also inhabited by aquatic plants, different varieties of frogs and turtles and many mammals, and comprise many different ecosystems.

First Floor- Ocean Journey

About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. These different aquatic ecosystems - coastal waters, bays, offshore areas and open seas - are inhabited by many species of fish, mammals, and invertebrates including corals, squids, jellyfish and more.