Sunshine City

Sunshine AquariumSunshine Aquarium

First Floor- Ocean Journey

The sea occupies approximately 70% of the earth’s surface. The different marine ecosystems, like coastal waters, bays, offshore areas and open seas, are inhabited by many species of fish, mammals, and invertebrates including corals, squids, jellyfish and more. In order to show up close how these creatures live, we have devised an ingenious mechanism to let visitors take a peek inside the tank. Enjoy walking underwater while feeling the enveloping embrace of the ocean.


Sunshine Lagoon

This is a world where blue intertwines with white. Against the the crystal-clear blue ocean background stretches a white sandy bottom. Small fish move through the gaps in the corals which dot the seabed and large rays swim in leaps and bounds. This is an oasis in an ocean of light. The large "Sunshine Lagoon" tank was designed by the Aquarium staff to resemble a shallow-water coral reef. It comprises a white sand bar stretching in the shallow waters typical of tropical seas. The highlights of this tank are the lively movements of the small fish darting around the corals and the large rays swimming elegantly by.

The Force of Life

They are in large groups in order to survive and leave descendants behind. Tens of thousands of lives coming together and constantly changing shape. Nothing represents a living mass better than a school of sardines. Nothing incarnates the movement of life better than the movements of sardines.

Cold Sea

On the surface of the earth there are "warm seas" and "cold seas". And even a warm sea will change to a cold sea the deeper you go. Both high-latitude oceans and deep oceans host living creatures with distinctive characteristics reflecting the peculiarities of each environment.

Immersive Space of Jellyfish

The shape of the tanks, water flow, lighting, sound, and other aspects of the area have been optimized to allow guests to enjoy more than ever the relaxing motion of drifting jellyfish, which is their greatest attraction. Please don't miss this chance to indulge in this remarkably immersive experience of floating in the dark sea while being surrounded by countless jellyfish.

Ninja of the sea

Among the many lifeforms calling the ocean home, none has a more bizarre shape than the squid or a greater variety of skills. Instantly changing color one moment, propelling itself by jet propulsion or capturing its prey with a projectile the next. Here you can admire the squid, that ultimate ninja warrior, in all its glory.