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List of performances

Guided expedition

Guided expedition Fees

Our animal handlers will show you the back areas that are usually closed to the public while entertaining you with animal-related anecdotes.

Approximate duration: 40 min. 800 yen per person. Twice a day

  • The number of participants is limited. Please ask our staff for details.
  • Apply at the at the Annual Passport-issuing counter.
【NEW!】Sunshine Lagoon Premium Feeding Activity

【NEW!】Sunshine Lagoon Premium Feeding Activity Fees

Experience feeding the fish from atop massive Sunshine Lagoon tank.

Approximately 20 minutes, ¥600 per participant, one time per day

  • Participant numbers are fixed; ask staff for more details.
  • Apply at the annual passport counter.
  • Admission to the aquarium not included.
  • * Performances may be rescheduled or canceled without prior notice due to factors like the physical conditions of the animals, weather conditions, seasonal changes, etc.
  • * On certain years, the summer schedule may change. Please contact us for further details.
  • * Paid events may be canceled during expected peak periods like summer vacation and the Golden Week holiday period.