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Sea lion tank

On fine days, the sea lions can be seen rolling around and relaxing in the sun. This is for them a fundamental place to nurse life and to strengthen bonds with family and friends. And after they’ve rested their tired bodies, they’re off into the sea once more to hunt for food.

The service will be suspended for the time being from May 9 (Sunday).

Updates on the sea lion cub are frequently posted on the official Twitter account of Sunshine Aquarium.
Link to Sunshine Aquarium's official Twitter account

Penguins in the High Grass

In this grassland where the penguins live their busy lives, couples confirm their love to each other, lay eggs and keep them warm until new babies are born. After that, the young ones will be raised by their parents with plenty of love. In this place, such heartwarming scenes are the norm.

Sea of Yellowtail Clownfish & Anemone

In the sea where danger is ever present, the clown fish live under the protection of sea anemones. The eggs of the clown fish are watched carefully by the parents until they hatch. Once hatched, new born babies, after drifting in the harsh ocean and growing up, start their lives in symbiosis with the sea anemones.