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Penguins' feeding time

Enjoy the spectacle of African Penguins walking around in the tall grass.. Observe the African Penguins as they are being fed while listening to commentary form the Aquarium staff.

The penguins featured in "Penguins in the High Grass" are African Penguins. The only species of penguin living in Africa, they inhabit a relatively temperate area. In the natural world, they mate and raise their offspring in the bushes and the grasslands. Penguins go about their lives leisurely loitering in the dense grass, snuggling close to their partners and preening their feathers.

During penguin-feeding time, the handling staff introduce visitors to penguins’ peculiarities with the help of quizzes and other means while feeding them. Don’t miss the lovely spectacle of penguins waddling along towards their food. Their habits and living conditions in the natural states are also illustrated with the help of explanatory panels.

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